Bringing more good news to the Persian world, evangelical focus

TWR’s global ministry extends to the Persian-speaking world and Central Asia, enabling radio broadcasts to reach believers and spiritually hungry people throughout the region.

The potential impact for spreading the gospel among unreached people groups in Central Asia and parts of the Middle East is enormous.

For this major update, TWR is taking a multi-platform approach, combining radio and online ministry. Among the benefits of non-digital radio are its wide reach and ability to take TWR’s hopeful programs where traditional missionaries cannot go. It is also very difficult to trace, making it one of the safest ways to receive content for listeners in countries where the gospel is not welcome.

Radio listening is vibrant in this region, but only a small portion of the Persian-speaking population is reached, due to the age and limited capacity of the current transmitter in an undisclosed location in Central Asia . A a modern transmitter is about to be installed which will provide a much stronger and clearer AM radio signal in the Persian world and in Central Asia for many years to come. As a bonus, the new transmitter will be much more efficient, which will reduce annual electricity and maintenance costs in addition to increasing the life of the station.

“The effectiveness of combining radio with digital ministry in the Persian-speaking world and Central Asia is particularly important due to the unstable and unpredictable spiritual and political climate in these regions,” said Frank Stephenson, Marcom Director for Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa. .

In this way, a consistent broadcast can always be ensured, even if digital access had to be suddenly blocked or online platforms shut down. Radio broadcasts can continue uninterrupted, especially in rural areas, where the radio signal is clear and interference-free.

A listener from the Persian world recently wrote to TWR: “Friends, I want to worship in church. In my homeland this is not possible.” TWR seeks to journey with local believers who are often unable to find a local fellowship. Photo: Unsplash, CC0


Another compelling factor is the urgency of consistent dissemination in some of the spiritually most needed parts of the world, where the persecution of Christians is sadly widespread. The Open Doors Global Watchlist ranks major Persian-speaking countries in the region as having very high or extreme levels of persecution against Christians.

the The Persian Dari language is widely spoken in Afghanistanwhich is #1 on the global watch list.

Despite the persecution and associated dangers, as well as the efforts of some authorities to extinguish the gospel of Christ and the life-transforming scriptures, huge numbers of people in this region are coming to Jesus and countless others are desperately seeking the truth. , hope and peace. . The anxiety and struggles often experienced by the inhabitants of these turbulent regions often lead to spiritual research. Conditions such as poverty, injustice and corruption have left many people disillusioned with their traditionally conservative religion and open to the gospel.

According to Operation World, “A large number of Persians have encountered the risen Christ. The Church in Persia has not grown so rapidly since the seventh century. … This growth is a remarkable movement of the Holy Spirit, with many signs and wonders, dreams and visions.” With the new replacement transmitter, the Word of God will radiate louder and farther than ever in the Persian-speaking world, penetrating the region with the truth of the gospel!

With the addition of the new second transmitter, emissions in the Persian region (which includes parts of the Middle East and Central Asia) will total at least six hours a day. This means TWR is in a unique position to train new believers and lead more people to Jesus Christ. The nations that make up the Persian region are among the least touched by the gospel in the world.

Besides the Farsi language, spoken by more than half of the Persian population, an additional benefit of the new transmitter will be the ability to broadcast in new languages spoken in the Persian-speaking world.

Since many of the region’s ethnic languages ​​are oral and lack written form and structure, several programs are based on dramatized biblical passages, using testimonies, biblical commentaries as well as a series of questions and answers to communicate the truth of God. An example is the series Persian Oral Bible, designed to encourage Christian growth and discipleship.

Under the leadership of TWR’s Farsi Ministry Director, the broadcast schedule for the Persian-speaking world was completely renewed in early 2021. Fresh new programs were compiled for additional broadcast time, and contact information updated. up-to-date and clear for follow-up. has been provided. A partnership with a local ministry provides a strong follow-up team who is waiting to respond safely to radio listeners.

the Persian world, rich in culture and history, is also a region of frequent unrest, particularly political and religious. At TWR, the goal of the radio programs as well as the digital ministry in Farsi ( is to reveal and share the hope of Christ and the truth of God’s word. If you would like more information on this subject, or if you feel led to support this ministry, go to This site.

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Barry F. Howard