Chaguanas cops are waging a ‘spiritual war on crime’


Cops in worship: Acting ACP Curt Simon and PC Nakasa Thatcher-Roberts, a worship leader from Restorative Center Kingdom Community, dance during a day of prayer organized by the Evangelical Council of Churches and Central Division Police in Saith Park , Chaguanas Saturday. – ANGELO MARCELLE

The Central Division police teamed up with several churches in an effort to find a spiritual solution to the crime.

They held an all-day “word, worship and war” prayer and worship service Saturday in Chaguanas.

The event saw dozens of police gather in Saith Park around 9am.

Acting CPA Curt Simon urged people to turn their hard hearts into soft hearts so that people can coexist in love, unity and peace.

Simon said: “The only person I know who has the power to change someone is God. He said, ‘I can take the heart of stone from men and give them a heart of flesh.’ That’s what we’re talking about here today.”

He was the brainchild of the themed event – The Watchmen.

He believes that the crimes are not only physical but also spiritual.

Simon said, “Why would you go after something spiritual, only in the flesh? The flesh is the manifestation of things. God works in the spiritual realm. We know the battle is there. The Bible says the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but powerful.We believe in God, in Jesus.

He said crime is a major problem in the company and the division, like others in TT, as well as in other parts of the world like New York and Detroit in the United States.

“TT hasn’t escaped that, and neither has this division. We’re inviting criminals here as well. Those of you with warrants, we could take you. We’ve been planning this for a few months now. We think the change has to come spiritually,” Simon said.

Simon estimated there were more than 100 officers at the event, including members of the Custody and Emergency Branch, the Interagency Task Force, the Central Division Task Force, the anti-fraud brigade and the CID.

Nine preachers, nine worship teams and nine “prayer warriors” were to be part of the event.

On Saturday, police gather in Saith Park, Chaguanas, for a day of prayer and worship organized by the Council of Evangelical Churches and the Central Division. – ANGELO MARCELLE

President of the Association of Evangelical Bible Churches (AEBC) and Vice President of the TT Council of Evangelical Churches, Reverend Bickram Singh commended Simon for the initiative.

Singh recalled that for the past nine months the council has partnered with the police and organized what they called the Jericho Praise.

Members went to communities and prayed and organized mobile ministry.

“We had over 50 congregations going out on weekends and praying with communities. We don’t see the police as enemies, not as protectors but also as partners,” Singh said.

After each set of music and sermon, the police prayed.

Singh added: “I am proud to find that the police have been meeting virtually every Thursday morning for over two years in what they call a prayer forum. From 5 a.m., when many of us are sleeping, the police pray for this. nation.”

Several churches shared biblical messages, such as Community Restorative Center Kingdom, Temple of Grace and Shekinah Discipleship Ministries.

Tabaquite Open Bible Church Pastor Gordon Garcia spoke about the importance of family, adding that the church plays an important role.

Garcia said the Bible warns that men will fall in love with themselves and become hateful, that children will turn against parents and parents against children. He called on men to teach their children good things, including the word of God.

“These are the things we face as a society. The only way we can have control is when we surrender our lives to Jesus,” Garcia said.

“He can transform you. He is a God who works miracles. That child who gives you trouble, that child who is fickle, God can change their life if you give him the chance. Men, let us rise and take our rightful place.”

Barry F. Howard