Congregational Renewal – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

We are a deep-rooted — and ever-renewing — church. Congregational Renewal is a biblical journey in which ELCA congregations deepen their understanding of the word of God, expand their practice of the word in the world, and are inspired to share the beauty of the word with others.

The ELCA Domestic Mission Unit engages synods and other partners in the renewal of congregations as vital centers for mission. By renewing congregations, we aim to create growing, vibrant and diverse communities of faith, with more congregants supporting and engaged in God’s mission – locally and globally.

Are you looking for support or resources to renew congregations? The Domestic Mission Unity Renewal Team provides support and assistance to conferences as they equip congregations to engage in renewal ministry. This includes: transformational ministry training, the natural church development process, the coaching process, ministry adjustments, mergers, consolidations, moves, and synod intervention and administration.

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Contact the director of the evangelical mission of your synod here.

The 2011 ELCA Church Assembly drew attention to the long-term institutional change of integrating mission planning into the ongoing life of the ELCA. For congregational mission planning resources for this entire church, click here.

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Barry F. Howard