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Criminal charges filed against Argentina’s health minister

Monday, October 17, 2022 – 09:27 UTC

“For the Ministry of Evil, pregnancy is a disease, and life, an epidemic to be fought,” said Moreno Klappenbach.

Conservative groups in Argentina have filed a criminal complaint against Health Minister Carla Vizzotti and other government officials for encouraging sterilization among adolescents at the age of 16, it has been learned.

Members of the American Women’s Association (AMA) want Vizzotti prosecuted for dereliction of duty and other punishable offenses.

AMA founder Mercedes Moreno Klappenbach called the government’s initiative “sinister, harmful and perverse”, in addition to being in contradiction with the national Constitution and the Treaty of San José on human rights. man.

Klappenbach and Pilar Santucci claim that the government’s resolution “incites the mutilation of organs essential for reproduction”.

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“I am shocked that this is the only thing the Minister of Health has to offer young people. There are those who leave the country and for those who stay, it is massive and permanent sterilization. It is nonsense. I would like to think that Vizzotti made a mistake because since the voting age is 16 he thought that was the age of majority, but it is not the age of majority”, Moreno Klappenbach told Infobae.

The Ministry of Health website states that under Law 26.130 on “surgical contraceptive interventions”, of 2006, “it is established” that since the age of majority, people can have “free and autonomous access to surgical contraception (tubal ligation and vasectomy)”.

The ministry says 16 is when people come of age and has launched leaflets urging children as young as 13 to get information on contraceptive methods, stressing that they can do so “without accompanying ‘adults’.

“This lowering of the line, that the children go without parents so that they do not feel uncomfortable talking, is used by the government to give contraceptives to young people and that they have promiscuous sex because that it’s business for them. Vizzotti, who is the civil servant who must take care of the health of the children, does the opposite by promoting this practice”, declared Moreno Klappenbach.

She also recalled that “any harm to a person, even with their consent, and a fortiori when this consent is given by a minor, as in these cases if it does not meet proven medical needs, makes the professional who maliciously makes it a crime.”

Moreno Klappenbach said she was “shocked, worried and distressed that the parents did not come out to protest en masse”. She also admitted that she felt “powerless” in the face of the silence of senators and deputies.

The founder of AMA insisted on the fact that “these anti-natalist policies are making fewer and fewer Argentines” and regretted that “for the Ministry of Evil, pregnancy is a disease, and life, an epidemic in combat”.

The Catholic Church, through its Episcopal Commission, and the evangelical denominations, through ACIERA, have also come out against this campaign “against the dignity of the person”.

Several groups in Buenos Aires have also repudiated “the attempt at birth control and the propaganda” aimed at getting “teenagers to give their consent to the state to mutilate them”.

(Source: Infobae)

Barry F. Howard