Evangelical Christian Credit Union in California Changes Name to AdelFi | Credit Union Journal

Evangelical Christian Credit Union in Brea, California is now called AdelFi.

The $582 million organization is changing its name and brand to better serve Christian consumers, businesses, nonprofits and ministries.

“Being ECCU is a digital financial institution, the new AdelFi name instantly appeals to tech-savvy Christian consumers, while demonstrating our continued commitment to our mission of empowering our members to invest in their faith,” said Abel Pomar, president and CEO of AdelFi, in a press release.

After a year-long process to better understand how the ECCU brand was perceived by its staff, members, non-members and the wider Christian community, credit union management determined that a new name and a new brand would be more appealing to potential members.

The research specifically highlighted the challenges of the former name ECCU in providing a common definition and understanding to potential Christian members who were unsure if they would be eligible for membership, the company said in the press release. .

The new name derives from the New Testament Greek word adelphos, which means “brethren” and “Fi” represents the company’s commitment to financial expertise and biblical stewardship.

AdelFi was founded in 1964 as the Conservative Baptist Credit Union.

The credit union earned $5.8 million in 2021, after losing $2.7 million a year earlier, according to data from the National Credit Union Administration’s appeal report.

Barry F. Howard