Evangelical Church now Mission of Grace Lancaster; new pastor

LANCASTER – The Evangelical Congregational Church of Lancaster installed its new pastor on Sunday July 17.

Pastor John Hicks Mackenzie, a 33-year-old resident of Orange, was unanimously chosen to pastor what will henceforth be known as the Mission of Grace Lancaster.

The church was formerly led by Pastor Tim Andrews, who served faithfully for 13 years until his retirement in 2021.

Dr. Ron Hamilton, conference minister of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, flew in from Minnesota to participate in the installation ceremony and deliver the sermon there. Pastor David Bodanza, of Mission of Grace Church in Gardner, led the service.

Cheryl Sendrowski, a deaconess and church secretary, said: ‘It was a time of great joy, with around 80 people attending to support John and his wife, Nicole, as they embark on the new life of leadership. of this church. We have already seen how much they love us as family and in return we are enthusiastically committed to supporting their efforts, learning from John’s teachings and loving them back as part of our family here in Lancaster . We are blessed with what God is doing at MOGL.

Pastor John and his wife, Nikki, have served together in ministry since 2018. Pastor John is a graduate of Liberty University. He has held various ministerial positions over the past 12 years.

Pastor John, who was left paralyzed at the age of 17 following a car accident, said: “16 years ago, lying in the intensive care unit, God grabbed my heart and placed a burden on my life to share the gospel. Throughout my years of ministry, God has developed in me a special empathy to help those who suffer and to give hope to the hopeless. That’s what we aim to do here at Mission of Grace Lancaster.

Dave Hollingsworth, an elder in the church, said, “Today marked two very important milestones in the history of our church. Our name changed from Lancaster Evangelical Congregational Church to Grace Lancaster Mission and Pastor John Hicks Mackenzie was installed as pastor of our new church. The congregation is very excited and happy with the two changes and looks forward to seeing the great things God will do in the life of our church with our new name and new pastor.

The Grace Lancaster Mission has a Sunday service at 10:30 a.m.

Barry F. Howard