Evangelical Leader Brags About Secretly Praying With SCOTUS Judges

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Hmm, I wonder what judges might do that?

Peggy Nienaber, executive director of evangelical organization Liberty Counsel, was caught on a scorching microphone saying some judges ‘will pray with us, those who like us to pray with them’ and that ‘we’re the only ones doing that’. .”

  • Nienaber’s comments were made last week during a celebration that evangelicals were holding outside the Supreme Court on its dismantling Roe vs. Wade.
  • Nienaber bragged that she and other evangelicals “go there” for prayer sessions, not in his office or in the judges’ homes.
  • One of Nienaber’s prayer sessions with the judges took place on Monday after the SCOTUS strike deer, said the evangelical leader.
  • Not only does Liberty Counsel frequently bring cases to SCOTUS, but conservative judges have actually cited his amicus brief while invalidating deer. This is probably why Nienaber insisted that his comments be “totally off the record”. Oops.
  • Nienaber did not identify the judges by name, but Rolling Stone noted that she took photos with judges Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas. She also called Thomas a “friend” and praised Tory Justice for “walking past our ministry center to church and always making time to say hello” in a Facebook post, according to Rolling Stone.

Thems The Breaks!

Bleeding ministers amid relentless scandals, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally announced his resignation after defiant calls to do so. He has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party but will try to remain Prime Minister until a successor is chosen.

British politics remain brilliant:

Mississippi’s last abortion clinic halts procedure

The Jackson Women’s Health Organization in Mississippi, the only abortion clinic in the state, performed its last abortions yesterday before Mississippi’s trigger ban on the procedure went into effect today, just under two weeks after the Supreme Court overturned. Roe vs. Wade.

  • The trigger ban, which was passed in 2007, prohibits all abortions except in the case of a life-threatening pregnancy or a pregnancy caused by rape (and the mother is required to report the rape to law enforcement in this case).
  • However, Mississippians have at least some access to abortion pills by mail sent from states where abortion is still legal.
  • Here’s the status of other states’ abortion bans with ongoing legal battles.

Cipollone will testify before the January 6 panel

Former White House chief counsel Pat Cipollone agreed to testify before the House Jan. 6 committee in the form of a transcribed videotaped interview this Friday.

  • The interview will be private, according to the New York Times.
  • Cipollone previously testified before the panel in private in April, but some explosive revelations since then gave the ex-White House lawyer much more trouble, prompting the commission to subpoena him last week.

Atlanta DA leaves door open for Trump subpoena

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said Wednesday it was “absolutely” possible she could subpoena the ex-president in her election interference investigation. The prosecutor also said she expects the grand jury in her investigation to issue subpoenas to other Trump minions after the final round of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Rudy Giuliani and Trump’s legal team earlier this week.

British filmmaker’s Trump documentary subpoenaed to appear on Sunday

British filmmaker Alex Holder’s Trump family docuseries, which has never-before-seen footage of the Trumps and the Capitol uprising that caught the attention of the House Jan. 6 committee, is set to premiere on Sunday, July 10. on Discovery+, two days before the House Jan. 6 Next public hearing of the Committee.

  • The committee subpoenaed Holder for his testimony and the raw footage of his project, which covers the last six weeks of Trump’s re-election campaign and the attack on Capitol Hill. The filmmaker testified before the committee two weeks ago.
  • The owner is also cooperate with the investigation by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, Georgia. Like the January 6 committee, Willis had subpoenaed Holder for raw footage from her series, though she focused on footage of Trump’s comments to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) and the Secretary of State Georgian Brad Raffensperger (R).

McConnell wants the poor to run out of savings

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) argued at an event in Kentucky on Tuesday that the labor shortage was caused by ‘a lot of people sitting on the sidelines’ because “frankly, they’re low to the ground at the moment”.

  • McConnell’s solution: wait until people’s savings dry up, you slackers. “What we have to hope is that once they run out of money, they start to conclude that working is better than not working,” he said.

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