Evangelical leaders from 41 countries participated in the 2022 European Leadership Forum in Poland, Evangelical Focus

After two online forums in 2020 and 2021, hundreds of evangelical leaders were able to gather safely in Wisla, Poland for the European Leadership Forum (ELF) 2022 conference.

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the participants of 41 countries on 4 continents met at ELF 2022. The Forum brought together evangelical Christian leaders from across Europe and the for specialized training, mentoring, resource sharing and networking.

  Peter J. Williams had the Bible expositions at the 2022 ELF conference. / Photo: J. Forster


The participants attended 25 small communities called networks, each focusing on areas as diverse as youth ministry, apologetics, church planting and revitalization, arts, discipleship, science, fundraising, media , counseling, evangelism and more.

Expert Christian leaders from various fields of study have conducted more than 300 individual sessions and workshops. The Forum concluded with three pre-forum lectures, five pre-forum seminars and three post-forum seminars focusing on everything from biblical teaching to belief in God in the age of science.

Monday’s Expo brought almost 20 Christian organizations together to meet participants and build relationships. Relationships were also built through hundreds of mentoring sessions and, throughout the 2020-2021 season, through 21 year-round mentoring initiatives with over 150 participants.

There will be 25 Mentoring Strategies throughout the year in 2022-23, and registration continues through September.

Speakers highlighted the war in Ukraine and the effect it had, not only on the population of
Ukraine, but all over Europe
. Among them, Jaroslaw Lukasik, leader of the Eastern European Leadership Forum, on the work he and others are doing to support the Ukrainian people.

This year, the ELF live-streamed its plenary sessions via its YouTube channel and website. During the morning plenary sessions, Peter J. Williams (CEO of Tyndale House, Cambridge) spoke about various parables of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. Evening plenary sessions were given by Emmanuel Tundrea (Associate Professor, Emanuel University), John Stevens (National Director, Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches), Stefan Gustavvson (Director of Apologia, Center for Christian Apologetics) and Dave Patty (President , Josiah Enterprise).

For many attendees, the Forum’s annual meeting is a truly unique opportunity to connect and learn with other ministry leaders.

Timo Heimlich, leader of Church Planting Catalyst in Germany, said, “My first ELF was in 2019, followed by two years online. This year it was fantastic to be back in person to meet old and new friends. Long evening talks, meals and worship together, meeting not only new people but also their friends and colleagues – that’s all that was missing for a few years. Although I appreciate the quality content of the experienced trainers as much as I did during the online ELFs, it was really good to feel like part of the three-dimensional body of Christ in Europe again”.

Evangelical leaders from 41 countries participated in the European Leadership Forum 2022 in Poland

Many participants highlighted the chances to engage in conversations around mission in Europe. / Photo: ELF.


Maria Kamran, co-director of ACT Pakistan, said, “If I say it was the greatest gift of a lifetime to be part of the ELF journey. What a wonderful door of knowledge and learning is opening for Pakistan and will be multiplied to equip other emerging leaders. The way I was welcomed and how the leaders invested their valuable knowledge, experience and time to learn more about my ministry in Pakistan is amazing. Thank you ELF for giving me a clearer view of my ministry and an invaluable learning experience. And especially my Mentor, Ann Blaser has just transformed my spiritual journey and sharing my heart with her has healed me in so many ways. She is one of ELF’s most precious gems”.

Wojciech Kowalewski, President of the Golden Apple Institute in Poland, said, “It’s always good to come to ELF. This is more than a great conference. ELF offers a community for like-minded leaders to network, engage with each other, and gain practical tools for growth in ministry. Really great to be back in person after 2 years online due to Covid. Meeting other world leaders at ELF is truly rewarding and it’s such a blessing to be here. I am so grateful to be able to lead one of the networks here to be part of this movement”.

ELF will announce its 2023 European Leadership Summit later this summer.

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– Evangelical leaders from 41 countries participated in the European Leadership Forum 2022 in Poland

Barry F. Howard