Gift of Life Donation Program Partners with Evangelical Community Hospital to Help Save Lives | Life

As part of a statewide campaign to promote organ and tissue donation, Evangelical Community Hospital is pleased to join the Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) and the Gift of Life donations and organ procurement organizations across the country.

Every day, 17 people in the United States die while waiting for a vital organ transplant, according to a statement from Evangelical Community Hospital.

Gift of Life encourages individuals to register to become an organ, tissue and cornea donor, which is as easy as visiting

“Transplantation is one of the most significant advances in medical history, with 95% of Americans saying they support organ donation. Yet the need for organs and tissues far outweighs the number available,” said Richard D. Hasz, President. and CEO of Gift of Life. “Gift of Life’s mission is to educate our community about the powerful impact it can have by taking just 30 seconds to register as an organ, tissue and cornea donor.”

“As a community hospital, we are uniquely positioned to not only ensure the health of our patients, but also to inspire our neighbors and friends to be wellness-minded in all aspects of life,” said Kendra Aucker, President and CEO of Evangelical Community. Hospital. “The more people we can inspire to become organ donors, the better we can fulfill our mission to advocate for the well-being of our entire community.”

Individuals are encouraged to discuss donor registration with family members and friends. An organ donor can save up to eight lives and a tissue donor can improve the lives of over 100 others. To register, go to

Some important facts about organ, tissue and cornea donation:

  • Anyone can be a potential donor, regardless of age, race or medical history.
  • More than 5,000 children and adults in the region are waiting for life-saving organ transplants. Thousands more people could benefit from life-enhancing tissue transplants.
  • Less than 50% of registered drivers in Pennsylvania self-appointed as organ and tissue donors.
  • With more than 95,000 people across the country waiting for a kidney, it is the most requested organ, followed by liver, heart and lungs.
  • Since conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are often more prevalent in the multicultural community, these people make up over 50% of people on the national organ transplant list.

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