Gospel report of February 28, 2022

Ukrainian Baptist Church, Detroit, 1946

What happens in evangelical land:

Tucker Carlson will speak at a mega-church in San Marcos, California. I wonder if he will talk about his love for Putin?

Albert Mohler, who voted for Trump, is still angry at Biden’s approach to selecting Ketanji Brown Jackson as his Supreme Court nominee. “Elections have consequences,” he says. The guy keeps trying to justify his 2020 vote.

The National Association of Evangelicals stands with Ukrainians in the United States:

Shane on refugees:

Why doesn’t Franklin just say he thinks Biden is incompetent? “A lot of people are wondering…”.

Franklin thanks Elon Musk:

77% of white evangelicals think Biden’s approach to nominating Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court was “inappropriate”. (See Mohler link above).

Have mission trips to Ukraine strengthened evangelical solidarity with the country?

Evangelical environmentalists push Congress for clean air.

Evangelicals love a new King James Version Bible app. Who is behind?

Beth Moore prays for Ukraine:

Russell Moore on the limits of evangelical theology in the face of American political polarization.

An evangelical pastor defends evangelical self-criticism:

I don’t think this guy likes David Brooks:

Christian Zionist John Hagee interprets the era. I’m surprised there isn’t a lot of Bible prophecy in this talk.

Evangelicals go to Israel.

The pastor of a Hungarian evangelical church denounces Christian nationalism in the country. Not all conservative evangelicals like Orban.

Is the Presbyterian Church in America evangelical? :

Evangelicals in Ohio pray for Ukraine. Evangelicals in the Sacramento area too. Baptists too.

Evangelical Reform seminaries in post-Soviet states unite against Russian aggression.

Evangelicals in the Ukrainian government:

Latino evangelicals march in Florida’s capital to protest Governor DeSantis’ immigration policy.

Mike “MyPillow Guy” Lindell, evangelical entrepreneur and Trump supporter:

Hillsong doesn’t like a new Hillsong documentary.

Breath of the past:

Ukrainian worship songs

Billy Graham’s daughter asks an Orthodox Jew if she can leave him her possessions after the kidnapping.

Jack Hibbs agrees with this:

Evangelical pastors in Ukraine continue to minister.

Evangelicals in North Carolina are urging the state legislature to grant legal status to Afghan refugees.

An evangelical Trump court in Willow Creek offers a money-back guarantee:

Right-wing evangelical website explains how ‘war for marriage’ was lost.

The battle for the evangelical vote in Brazil.

Eric Metaxas seems to believe that Bonhoeffer would have opposed the COVID warrants and joined the freedom convoy. These pastors who defend “freedom” are doing the work of the Lord:

Sister Cindy is coming to LSU.

Evangelical leaders during Black History Month.

Robert Jeffress:

Gospels and porn.

Filipino evangelicals denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Samaritan Purse responds:

Greg Laurie prays for peace:

Russian Christian Radio deals with the invasion of Ukraine.

Owen’s view of evangelicals supporting Zelensky:

Learn more about Zelensky’s manhood. I wonder if theobros would say the same if the president of Ukraine were a woman? I was just asking:

Kelsey Grammar will play Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith in the upcoming ‘Jesus Revolution’ movie.

Tony Campolo is 87 years old:

A Nigerian evangelical who is pastoring a church in Ukraine has a message for Putin.

Even capitalism? :

Jim Wallis on what Biden should say in his State of the Union address.

Wallis on Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton:

Karen teaches Wheaton:

Southern Baptists argue over Race Reconciliation Sunday (Wait, Southern Baptists actually have a “denominational calendar?” At least it’s “strictly voluntary” and “not mandatory. 😉 )

Barry F. Howard