Gospel report of September 29, 2022

New Tribes Missions Training Center in New Zealand, 1979

What happens in evangelical land?

Evangelicals learn to “welcome the stranger”.

Bridging the gap between Christian liberal arts colleges and non-Christian liberal arts colleges.

Jair Bolsonaro on the “soul” of Brazil.

Calvin University’s January series will feature Ken Jennings, Peter Wehner, Esau McCaulley and Kate Bowler.

The “Southernization” of American Evangelicalism.

Phil Keaggy still plays guitar:

New study: Evangelical Christians less likely to receive COVID-19 vaccine after conversations with religious leaders.

World Relief calls on Joe Biden to help more refugees and asylum seekers.

Beth Moore talks about “burning” her ministry:

Does partisan politics destroy evangelicalism?

Brother Andrew, RIP.

Two acting presidents at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Jamie Smith on Christian nationalism.

Some Arkansas evangelicals back Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ opponent.

Italian evangelicals respond to the country’s new prime minister.

Breath of the past:

Handwringing on doctrinal drift. And here.

There’s a new rapture prediction out there.

She “humbly suggests”:

Liberty University’s Standing for Freedom Center agrees wholeheartedly with Italy’s new prime minister:

Of course, the church is political. Its members are citizens of the Kingdom of God, a political kingdom that Jesus defined in the Sermon on the Mount:

Lance is part Jewish:

Charlie Kirk organizes another America First-fest:

More Mastriano on abortion. This time with Trump court reporter David Brody. Yes, the people will decide in November:

Jack Hibbs wants to get involved in politics to stop the murder:

Nothing new about this. People were saying exactly the same thing in the 1960s when prayer and Bible reading in schools were declared unconstitutional. Heck, the Puritans said in 17th century Massachusetts:

Hibbs also has a few things to say about anxiety:

Apparently Arizona Christian University hasn’t woken up:

Eric Metaxas and Sean Feucht talk about Feucht’s new film. Is his revival aimed at bringing people to Christ or bringing people to a particular brand of right-wing politics? It’s a question to ask yourself, especially if you follow Feucht on Twitter.

From Metaxas to Tucker:

Robert Jeffress keeps producing books:

Tony Perkins praises Lindsey Graham’s proposed 15-week abortion ban. Is Perkins getting soft on abortion?

What if a spiritual awakening not revive the United States of America? :

“The Climbers”. This clip recalls Wendell Berry’s line about “up” being the wrong direction:

The former president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has transferred to the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. But apparently he doesn’t “feel the peace of the Lord.” :

Carl Trueman explains the LGBTQ conflict at Seattle Pacific University.

Sarah Jakes Roberts replaces her father, TD Jakes.

More information on the women pastors of the Southern Baptist Convention.

They come for Chris Tomilin:

Barry F. Howard