Gospel report of September 5, 2022

What happens in evangelical land?

Should Labor Day be a Christian holiday?

Lisa Sharon Harper on Biden’s Philadelphia speech (wire)

Fox News covers Michael Gerson’s scathing anti-Trump column.

Tim Keller being Tim Keller:

Evangelical leaders respond to Matt Chandler controversy.

A perspective on the release of Bradley Nassif by North Park University.

A Texas nuclear waste facility is sponsoring a talk by Tim Tebow.

Samaritan’s Purse doing the work of the Lord in Pakistan.

The latest on sex outside of marriage in David Ramsey’s business.

Jonathan Cain: Author of “Don’t Stop Believin’ and Evangelical court husband Paula White.

Wheaton College Wade Center (CS Lewis, JRR Tolkein)

Randall Balmer on Ron Sider

Breath of the past:

Dutch Leaves of the New Apostolic Reformation

Tom Buck researching the ‘Evangelicals for Biden’ website. (Hint: The election was almost two years ago. Biden won. Trump lost. Mission accomplished. Website no longer needed):

Franklin Graham is angry with Joe Biden:

Gary Bauer also “has a lot to say”:

Forward the soldiers of the Christian right. The pro-MAGA wing of evangelicals will meet in Fort Worth:

An anti-global evangelical explains to Trump court reporter David Brody how the World Economic Forum’s ‘great reset’ fits into Bible prophecy:

More Brody:

Again, Charlie Kirk should have taken that American history course before dropping out of college. But he’ll likely appear at a mega-church near you this weekend:

Barry F. Howard