Iglesia Ni Cristo shares details of an evangelistic mission carried out by the Maguindanao district

Members of Iglesia Ni Cristo are committed to sharing the Word of God throughout the world

Iglesia Ni Cristo shared details of an evangelistic mission carried out by the district of maguindanao

TORONTO,, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The dissemination of the word of Christ is a key element of the mission of Iglesia Ni Cristo

Members of Iglesia Ni Cristo are committed to share the Word of God around the world. Recently, Church leaders and members of the Church’s Maguindanao District joined forces to share their beliefs with nonmembers.

Maguindanao District: Inviting Neighbors to Join in Worship

For many people, it can be intimidating to attend a new church for the first time. Iglesia Ni Cristo works to help people who don’t know their message feel comfortable learning more about what they have to offer. Gospel missions like those offered by the Maguindanao District Congregation help community members learn about the Church and its members through friendly worship service.

Gospel missionary message

During the community evangelistic service in Maguindanao District, members and non-members came together to hear Brother Eduardo Villa share a Bible-based lesson. In his teachings, Brother Villa shared information on how biblical principles can be applied to life’s challenges and how salvation is the only way to Christ.

Medical services offered after the service

After hearing Elder Villa’s Word, the participants proceeded to the Kiwanan Covered Court in Midsayap to receive mission medical care. Iglesia Ni Cristo believes in bring aid to people in need around the world, regardless of their beliefs.

The Church’s Commitment to Spreading the Word of God Throughout the World

Iglesia Ni Cristo believes in the importance of everyone having the opportunity to hear the Word of God. While the Church began in the Philippines, today Iglesia Ni Cristo congregations around the world work to serve their communities. The Church believes in serving people everywhere, whether or not they share the same beliefs, allowing people of all faiths to see how belief in Christ inspires service.

Evangelism efforts

In addition to conducting large-scale evangelistic efforts like the event organized by the Maguindanao District congregation, Church members are also working on a smaller scale to share their beliefs with others. Many Church members hold Bible study programs in their homes, inviting both Church members and nonmembers to enjoy fellowship and learn more about God’s Word.

The Church also works to spread its mission through its magazine, Pasugo: Message from God. Pasugo is published monthly and offers the latest news on Church activities, as well as religious articles to help readers incorporate Church messages into their daily lives. The Church also provides a radio station and a television channel to help members and others who wish to grow their faith to do so through various forms of media.

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