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The Missions made in Spain (“Missions Made in Spain”) online meeting reunited more than 300 attendees who connected to share a time of fellowship, formation and mission-oriented planning.

The February 6 event included presentations from Spanish missionaries in various parts of the world, as well as reflections from entities committed to seeking synergies on the path of evangelization.

According to the Spanish Evangelical Alliance, the event brought together people from all 17 Spanish regions as well as 16 other countries (Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, United States, Great Britain (Northern Ireland), Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Peru, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuela ), representing 106 entities and missionary agencies.

“‘Missions Made in Spain’ was born out of friendships, great conversations, decisions and actions”, says Rosa Barracina, president of the work group on the missions of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance. “Organizations that focus on relationships are excellent, by working together, they can create more than they could alone. Collaborative work is essential for the accomplishment of the mission,” she added, assessing the shared spirit during the day.

“It’s not every day that you take part in a pioneering activity that has the potential to initiate a paradigm shift in a nation,” said Guille Eddy of Operation Barnabas. “I believe that what happened on Saturday February 7, 2021 at the Missions Made in Spain conference has the potential to change the self-image of the Spanish church as a mere recipient of God’s missionary work to see themselves as part of Missio Dei through intercultural missions. Many have prayed for this paradigm shift to happen.”

Dadonim Vilaof Spanish Humanitarian Relief, praised that “the evangelical church in Spain makes visible its missionary work, build collaborative relationships and develop a Kingdom mentality. We celebrate the vision of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance in this endeavor.”

“I am so grateful to God for sending me to serve and join others in Spain at this particular time. It was part of God’s will answer the prayers of those who have prayed and pray to the lord of the harvest to send workers to gather it,” added Warry Nunez Movida ministries.

Ronaldo Andersoncoordinator of the The place (La Place) church planting movement, appreciated “the spirit of collaboration in which it was organized and the spirit of rejoicing in which it was received. Rejoicing, prayer, tears of joy, prophetic proclamation, unit… He it was the first time that I had seen the Spirit of God enter a virtual meeting in this way”.

“What beauty and joy to participate in this meeting table marked by the desire to glorify the Name of our God and to embrace His Mission together, because alone we will not be able to fill the great call and vocation he has given us! Let us continue to dance on this relational platform for the glory of our God from the ends of the earth to the ends of the earth,” said Zaza-Lima of the PMI.

“It is time to walk in unity in the midst of diversity; let’s do it! “, estimated Ana Gimenez, president of Aglow Spain. “In the conclusion of Jaume Llenas, he read John 7:53: ‘and each one went to his own house’. I pray that it will not be a reality that each will continue in their own plot, but that we will see the fruits of this event and that together we will continue to bring the Kingdom to Spain and to the nations.”

The activity served as a space where we can acquire knowledge and promote synergy between entities and missionaries working in many different fields. What’s this Jaume Llenas, coordinator of the Lausanne Movement in Spain, explained. “The best result is what started now through the relationships and strategic agreements that began to form last Saturday. This mission movement allows agreements between organizations, the discovery of similar centers of interest in the call of God, an awakening of the local churches to their vocation, etc.. In Missions Made in Spain the music has started playing and the dance floor has been laid, now it’s time to find the dance partners.”

The Missions group of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance has detailed some of the next steps. On the one hand, work is underway to collect information on the entities and people involved in the mission in Spain and from Spain, so that coordination and contact can be established.

Another objective is to create a platform that will foster collaboration and catalyze synergies. Additionally, it has been proposed to organize a similar event on an annual basis.

More information can be found on the Spanish Evangelical Alliance Missions website (Spanish).

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– Missionary entities lay the foundations for working together in Spain

Barry F. Howard