More than 10,000 people marched for Jesus in Paris, Evangelical Focus

More than 10,000 people from all over France and abroad took to the streets of Paris on Saturday May 21 for the National March for Jesus.

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the march has come together people of all generations, with a majority of young people between 25 and 35 years old, not just from France but also from Switzerland and Belgium and “a group that came from Australia and helped design the banners,” the organizers explained.

“We are very happy. We expected 8,000 people and this target was exceeded, according to the police. It is unusual for the organizers to give a lower number of participants to the police,” said Paul Olivier Pluquet, president of the Marche pour Jésus France Federation (MPJF).

A youth ministry group and six musical groups led the march, which also had a time of worship, prayer, witnessing and evangelism. About 500 Gospels and 500 Bibles were given to passers-by.

The president of the MPJF underlined that this year social networksand especially the influencers have play an important role “to make this strong mobilization possible, unlike previous editions. Usually, it is the pastors who announce the event in the churches”.

The goal of the walk I stopproclaim the love of Jesus to touch hearts” and to To display “the unity among those who profess Jesus», underlined André Raoilison, vice-president of the MPJF. “Only Jesus can bring salvation to men. Nothing and no one else in the world saves us,” he added.

“After the covid, people needed to express themselves, to share, to live this time in unity. walking allows people to express themselves outside the walls of churches. It removes all the labels that often divide us,” said Pluquet.

After this year’s edition of the March, MPJF is already plan the return of MPJs to other cities in France for 2023“so that this spirit of love and unity spreads even more as a witness to the Good News of Jesus”, declared the president of the MPJF.

“The Walk for Jesus allows us to show the joy of our own encounter with Jesus. There is no other event that brings together so many people in the public space,” concluded Pluquet.

Barry F. Howard