More than 25,000 migrants have crossed the Channel so far in 2022, Evangelical Focus

The UK MoD reported that more than 25,000 migrants have crossed the Channel into Kent so far in 2022.

just the last On Saturday August 27, 915 people arrived in Kent in 19 small craft. There have been around 8,750 crossings in August aloneand the registration was recently achieved with 1,295 people in a single day.

The migration crisis in the UK has worsened over the past 4 months, after Home Secretary Priti Patel announced it controversial plans trying to dissuade people from crossing the Channel by send migrants to Rwanda to seek asylum.

Charities, human rights groups and the head of the Church of England, Archbishop Justin Welby, were among those who questioned the legality of the policy. There will be court hearings in September and October.

The first flight to take asylum seekers from UK to Rwanda has been cancelled on June 15, 15, a few minutes before takeoff, after a delay intervention of the European Court of Human Rights (EctHR).

The Strasbourg court said the UN had raised concerns about the transfer of British asylum seekers to Rwanda”would not have access to fair and efficient procedures determine their refugee status.

Since the minister of the Interior announcement, more than 19,800 migrants have arrived in the UK by boat.

“This can be attributed to the fearmongering of human traffickers who, due to new regulations coming in across the Channel, will make it much more difficult to access the UK in the future, so they better keep going,” according to a report by MPs from the Home Affairs Committee.

The number of people arriving in the UK in small boats from France has increasingly developed in recent years. Official data shows there were around 299 in 2018; 1,843 in 2019; 8,466 in 2020 and a record 28,526 last year.

Moreover, according to the According to the UN refugee agency, at least 120,441 people arrived in mainland Europe via the Mediterranean by land and sea last year.

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– Over 25,000 migrants have crossed the Channel so far in 2022

Barry F. Howard