New book references biblical stories about men and women encountering God

The author highlights the love of the Triune God in action bringing together men and women

WOODBRIDGE, Va., November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Are men and women doomed to lead the “battle of the sexes”? In “Watching God Woo the World,” Reverend Dr. Ruth E. Correll say no! It refers to the stories of men and women who worked together to present God’s hope with one voice. The book provides accessible, brief, and informative introductions to each story with guidance on how readers can find related threads of God’s grace in their lives.

Correll explains her belief that the gender connections God created have a profound impact on the spiritual formation of faith, hope, and love. She points out that Jesus neither showed preferential treatment to women and men, nor assigned distinctive sex roles.

“Each chapter is a gem, and a thought-provoking, useful one. The book distills a lifetime of good teaching from you,” commented The Fairfieldsmentor and teacher Trinity School for the Ministry.

His groundbreaking study draws on some 70 accounts of men and women found in scripture who moved both toward or away from their Creator’s wishes. It follows the paths of characters like Leah, Moses, the woman at the well, and the disciples as God changes their hearts and the direction of their lives. Correll encourages readers to examine the perspectives of Bible stories to discern the work of the Holy Spirit today.

“Here both beginners and experienced Bible students share in God’s great story where beloved but imperfect men and women are called into a covenant bond with the Holy Trinity,” Correll said, “I hopes readers will discover that God’s love is real, life-changing, and heart-expanding.”

“Watching God Court the World: A Mature Exploration of God’s Great Story”
By Ruth E. Correll
ISBN: 978-1-6642-5687-3 (softcover)
Available via WestBow Press, Barnes & Nobles, walmart and Amazon

About the Author
Ruth E. Correll spent more than 35 years of his career in a classroom and another 20 years as a member of the clergy. Throughout her adult life, Ruth was always involved in at least one small group Bible study and started a weekly clergy study that continued for more than a decade. Ruth also holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Education from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio; a Master of Arts from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Deerfield, Ill.; and a Doctor of Education from New York University, Manhattan, NY For more information, please visit:

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