Plea for the Church of England to maintain its position on marriage

Anglican evangelicals call the Church of England maintain its historical position on marriage and sexuality.

It follows the Bishop of Oxford’s publication of a 52-page essay, saying clergy should have the freedom to bless and marry same-sex couples.

Bishop Steven Croft wrote that his views had changed over the past decade.

He now believes that the legal obstacles to solemnizing same-sex marriage in the Church of England should be removed.

Evangelical leader Vaughan Roberts who is based in the Diocese of Oxford says that the Church must not change its position.

“I remain persuaded by the truth and goodness of the traditional Christian understanding that the right place for sex is only in heterosexual marriage and that any change in this position must be opposed as being unfaithful to God and harmful in its effects,” he wrote.

Reverend Roberts acknowledges that LGBT people have not always been treated well in the Church and that attitudes in the wider culture have changed, but he argues that this is not enough to justify a change in position.

The Oxford Diocesan Evangelical Fellowship said he was “distressed” by Bishop Croft’s essay and that it “departs from the clear teaching of the Bible regarding sex and marriage”.

The Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) rejected the bishop’s theological arguments and called for “strong” protections for mainstream Anglicans.

CEEC keep believing that Church of England The current position on human sexuality is grounded in the teaching of Scripture and is therefore good for individuals and society as a whole,” a spokesperson said.

Christian concern CEO Andrea Williams has called on the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to uphold the Church’s fundamental teaching on marriage and sexuality.

She said bishops endorsing same-sex relationships should be disciplined and removed from ministry.

Ms Williams warned that revising the Church’s historical position would cause an “open split” in the Anglican Communion.

She wrote in Christian today:For many years it has been clear that the driving force behind these revisionists is not the study of the Scriptures, nor the listening to the Holy Spirit, but an unceasing desire to reflect the values ​​of society.

“It is nothing less than apostasy. The apostolic gospel calls on all people everywhere to repent – ​​to turn from their sins and turn to Christ. Such a drastic change in the nature of repentance, in the doctrine of marriage, changes the gospel itself,” Ms. Williams explained.

“The Church of England A drift towards approving same-sex relationships has been disastrous for Christians across the country. Faithful Christians who supported the true teaching of God were labeled as risk-protecting and lost their jobs, with well-paid employers and lawyers citing the revisionist teaching of Church of England numbers against them.

“Changing Church teaching by endorsing same-sex relationships will be devastating to faithful Christians in similar situations. Those who stick to the clear teaching of the Bible will be even easier to label as hateful extremists,” Ms Williams concluded.

Barry F. Howard