Russian evangelical leader apologizes to Ukrainian Christians for invasion: ‘I mourn what my country has done’

A Russian evangelical leader recently released a statement apologizing to Ukrainian Christians for the recent Russian invasion.

Vitaly Vlasenko, general secretary of the Russian Evangelical Alliance, expressed his grievances about the war in an open letter published on Saturday.

“As General Secretary of the Russian Evangelical Alliance, I mourn what my country did during its recent military invasion of another sovereign country, Ukraine,” Vlasenko lamented.

“For me, like for many other Christians, the military invasion was a shock. In the worst case, I could not imagine what is currently observed in Ukraine,” he continued. “Two peoples closely tied to each other, many of whom are deeply devoted to the (mainly Orthodox) Christian faith, are currently fighting a fierce battle – one pursuing the goal of demilitarizing Ukraine, the other seeking to save their country from occupation.”

Vlasenko also noted that many Russians and Ukrainians suffer because family members live in the opposite country.

“A Russian can have daughters and grandchildren living in kyiv; a Ukrainian can have children who live and work in Moscow,” the evangelical leader explained. “Today, pain, fear and deep sorrow for their loved ones and for the future of their own lives and countries pierce the hearts of many people like lightning, because since World War II no one has knows what the limits of war and its consequences can be.

In his letter, Vlasenko shared how he tried to stop the military conflict, including sending an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin a day before the invasion expressing support for Ukrainian religious leaders’ demands “for a peaceful solution to all conflicts.

According to Christianity Today, the REA also conducted periods of fasting and prayer for peace between the two countries as well as public prayers with Russian, Ukrainian and European leaders “for the reconciliation of all parties”.

So far, the REA has offered help to more than 500 Ukrainian refugees who have fled to southern Russia.

In conclusion, Vlasenko prayed that Ukrainian Christians would be strengthened in the Lord, forgive Russians and stand together “as people of God for our world”.

“May our Heavenly Father help us all,” he concluded.

Last week the Baptist World Alliance, the world’s largest international Baptist organization, released an open letter to Putin, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden calling for a ceasefire. -fire.


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