Seoul to Host Fourth Lausanne Movement Congress in 2024, Evangelical Focus

The Lausanne Movement will celebrate its fourth major congress in Seoul, announced its global executive director Michael Oh. The event will bring together thousands of Christian leaders from all countries in September 2024.

The Lausanne Movement started with a first congress on world evangelism in 1974 in Lausanne (Switzerland). It then organized three other major congresses: Manila 1989 and Cape Town 2010.

Many other gatherings, initiatives, and contributions have been made by this evangelical movement over the past five decades, including regional conventions, gatherings of young leaders, and conferences on specific issues such as workplace mission.

“Seoul 2024 will be a celebration of the gospel and of our loving, forgiving and merciful God who has invited us to join his mission around the world,” the organization said in a press release. “We believe this will be a pivotal moment in Christian history” which hopes to have a profound impact on the church in Asia and beyond. Thousands of “men and women of all the body of Christ, serving God’s mission in multiple contextswill be invited to visit South Korea.

Images of Lausanne Movement gatherings since 1974. / LM


According to the Lausanne Movement, the global church stands “at a critical point”, in which “both its unity and its witness in the world” must be taken into account “as we seek to realize the vision of seeing the gospel reaching every person, discipleship churches for every people and placeChristlike leaders in every church and sector, and the impact of the kingdom in all spheres of society”.

“Through the process of listening and summoning, we will call the church to collaborative action for the kingdom of God”.

Michael Oh concluded, “We just want to be true to how we are called to live and love the world in our generation.” “Our prayer is that the world will be beautifully different in the years and generations to come because of Seoul 2024”.

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– Seoul will host the fourth Lausanne Movement Congress in 2024

Barry F. Howard