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On March 9, Guatemala was declared the pro-life capital of the Ibero-American region, in a special event in which the country’s government also instituted the Day for Life and Family and inaugurated a monument in this which will now be called the Patio de Vie of the famous National Palace of Culture.

The designation came a day after the Guatemalan Congress passed the Law for the Protection of Life and Familywhich aims to protect life, the natural family and the institution of marriage between man and woman.

The first part of the ceremony took place in Constitution Square, in front of the National Palace of Culture, and was in the presence of the President of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, as well as his government cabinet, nearly 300 other politicians (ministers, senators, parliamentarians and leaders of almost all the countries of the American continent). Representatives from 23 countries of the Ibero-American Congress for Life and Family also participated in the event.

Smile, you’re in Guatemala, the pro-life capital of Ibero-America“, told the public Aaron Lara, President of the Ibero-American Congress for Life and Family. The evangelical entity working in the political field granted this recognition to the country.

“Today marks a before and after, because we are witnesses of a prophecy which announced that Guatemala would be a beacon of light for nationsbecause it takes the lead in defending life in a direct, courageous and decisive way, which is why this country is an example for the world,” he added.

Lara explained that in recent years, some countries on the continent have chosen to “name the bad good and the good bad. Even international organizations pressure governments to introduce policies based on a gender ideology that is not in line with our cultures and faith”.

According to the President of the Ibero-American Congress for Life and Family, “it takes a lot of courage to defend the life of the presidency and great integrity of character to work for the family as the basis of our society”.

He pointed out that this is why the Ibero-American Congress decided to name Guatemala the pro-life capital of Ibero-America, and to give them the gift of a sculpture called “Guatemala, light of nations”, which will remain in the Guatemalan National Palace.

“Mr. President, there are ideals worth risking your life for, and this is one, your legacy will transcend the world,” Lara stressed.

President Giammattei and about 200 guests then proceeded to the National Palace of Culture for the inauguration of the monument.

The first speech was given by the Guatemalan Ambassador to the United Nations, Luis Lam, Evangelical Christianwho called the event celebratory and thanked the Ibero-American Congress for Life and Family for “the important role it plays as an organization for the defense of the life and rights of families”.

He said that this designation came after the launch of the public policy for the protection of life and the institutionality of the family by the Giammattei government in July 2021. “It is a project that the president has taken as a priority and which unified 99 government programs into a common effort”.

Lam recalled that Guatemala joined the Geneva Consensuswhich states that abortion is not a human right and that the family is the foundation of society according to a natural and biological concept.

“We are a beautiful and small country, but big in the heart of God, with a mission and a mandate received in the form of a promise, to be a country of light for the nations. It’s a new time in Guatemala, a beautiful light is shining that will illuminate our generations,” said the Guatemalan Ambassador to the United Nations.

Shirley RiveraPresident of the Congress of the Republic, read in her speech the decree containing the law for the protection of life and the family, and stressed that “the the eyes of the world will be on Guatemala”.

She added that the country will be an example of how the nation has been lifted out of poverty and how it has created wealth, because “Guatemala, like its citizens, will be a rich nation.”

TheirMinister of Culture and Sports, Felipe Aguilar, read the ministerial agreement with which the patio located in the east wing of the first level of the National Palace of Culture will be called “Patio of Life”. The decree also states that every March 9 will be commemorated as the Day for Life and Family.

Claudia Ruiz Casasola, Minister of Education, stressed that the family is the main educational institution, which is why there are policies to strengthen it as the basis of a healthy society. “I am sure that many nations will want to follow the path we have taken“, she says.

President Giammatei called on Guatemalans to unite to protect life from conception to natural death.

“We are a country that respects dissidents, who listens to those who protest, but we also ask everyone that instead of protesting, we come together to build this different Guatemala that we all want,” the president said.

The Roman Catholic Apostolic Nuncio Francisco Montecillo said in his speech that this declaration signifies Guatemala’s commitment to defend the existence of the family, based on marriage, which, according to Pope Benedict XVI, is the heritage of humanity.

“To be pro-life is not only to be against abortion or euthanasia, even if it implies it, it is to defend life, it is to promote life, in dignity for all beings humans,” said the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop, Gonzalo de Villa.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Shalia, leader of the Muslim community in Guatemala, stressed that the family is the heart of the community. “God created the family so that individuals could grow up in a safe and healthy environment. This is where we learn kindness, mercy and compassion”.

To finish, Rabbi David Rushekpointed out that a light of hope and life was on for those who cannot yet speak.

After the speeches, a group of children accompanied the President of Guatemala to inaugurate the monument to life, to close the ceremony.

Two meters high, in polished bronze and on a white base, we can see a map of the world, where Guatemala has a shining light, representing that it is a light for other nations. At the top it says “Guatemala” and at the bottom “Pro-Life Capital of Latin America”.

The the participants placed white roses at the foot of the monumentas a symbol of the innocent lives that will benefit from the newly approved policies.

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– ‘Smile, you’re in Guatemala, the pro-life capital of Latin America’

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