The dismissal of a black professor is a sign of the hypocrisy of the evangelical movement

I’m a big fan of “All Rev’d Up” on NPR, with the Rev. Emmitt Price III and the Rev. Irene Monroe. Although I was more drawn to Monroe’s theology, I felt proud that the seminary of which I was an alumnus had hired Price (“Outcry over Black professor’s dismissal,” Metro, July 18). During my time at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, circa 2000, strict evangelical theology was taught, and any professor alluding to the idea of ​​social justice or racial reconciliation wouldn’t last long — at least not on the main campus. Sometimes the seminary pushed the liberal-sounding types into Boston.

I began to sense that perhaps there was a shift in my seminary when I heard and followed Price bring his tremendous ministry and intellect to an institution that desperately needed his influence. However, listening to it on NPR, I thought his time might be up soon. According to your article, the seminar said that “budget problems forced their hand”. But I think Price flew a little too close to the liberal sun. He denounced Donald Trump with a little too much audacity.

I cannot say it enough: the evangelical movement, since Gordon-Conwell and beyond, is dangerous, and the hypocrisy of its leaders must be addressed.

Reverend Nathaniel Manderson


Barry F. Howard