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The crossing between Morocco and Spain by boat has been closed for three years.

The the pandemic and diplomatic tensions had cut off one of the most common routes for the millions of people who, especially in the summer, travel to Morocco and other African countries.

However, this year this road has been reopened, with thousands of vehicles ferried from continent to continent.

Along with Italy and France, Spain is one of the main gateways to North Africa, particularly Morocco.

The The Spanish ports of Algeciras and Tarifa are busy these weeks and the so-called “Operation Transittakes place there.

This particular “operation” started in 1993 with the participation of Spanish Bible Society, Agape, Assemblies of God or Southern Baptist Churches of the United States, among other entities and churches.

They saw this project as an opportunity to “sow the scriptures in a land where it is not easy to receive them in any other way”.

Each year, the Bible Society of Spain brings together teams of volunteers who “distribute parcels of family equipment to passing vehicles while waiting to board The boats on the way to Africaexplains Gonzalo Soriano, responsible for this program at the Bible Society of Spain.

The volunteers prepare the material to be delivered, with Bibles, books, materials for children and even a USB key with the film Jesus. / Spanish Bible Society facebook

“These are Material in Arabic language, as well as bilingual materials. The New Testament, the book More than a carpenter the film Jesus on DVD or USB key, Bibles for children,” he adds. Then, in August and September, they also give some to those who return to Europe.

The project seeks to take advantage of a strategic opportunity to share the gospel with people who are generally receptive to receiving a giftand it would be very difficult for them to access it in their country of destination.

In Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and other countries it is sometimes almost impossible to deliver these materials. It is true that the Bible is not banned in many of these countries, but if you have many copies, you can be accused of having obtained them by illegal importation,” Soriano points out.

The volunteers participating in Operation Transit come from different parts of the world. In Spain, a large number of foreign volunteers from the United States, Egypt and Lebanon are coordinated by the international organization. At the national level, the Bible Society and other entities organize several groups.

The experience of those who participate is “very positive. He is an intercultural missionary experience without leaving the countrywhich is very attractive for those who come and also appreciate the brotherhood, but above all the fact of giving the Bible to people of other cultures and religions,” says Soriano.

The ports of southern Spain once again become points of intercultural mission

During the waiting time to board the boats, the volunteers have the possibility of distributing the parcels. / Spanish Bible Society facebook

This seedling – “14.5 million Bibles and evangelistic materials have been donated since 1993and this year we plan to distribute about 400,000 parcels” – has an impressive result.

“We have heard many stories in Tunisia, Morocco or Algeriawhere the gospel has grown amazingly. Many meet Jesusalthough they find it difficult to meet or even reveal their identities when they tell us their stories”, explains Gonzalo Soriano.

The ministry of Operation Transit is supported by donations to fund publication of materials and volunteers who participate. This is why Soriano encourages all evangelicals to participate, pray and support missionary action whose impact can be eternal.

In July and August, the Bible Society of Spain coordinates groups of volunteers in Tarifa and Algeciras. Those who want more information can write to [email protected]

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– The ports of southern Spain once again become points of intercultural mission

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