The real reason why breweries are often built in old churches

Some religious organizations flip the script and hold church services and other religious events like Bible study at beer halls to attract attendees like Church-in-a-Pub in Fort Worth, Texas (via NPR), pub church in Boston, or the monthly Beer and anthems event organized by the First Christian Church in Portland, Oregon.

Amy Piatt, senior pastor of First Christian Church, told NPR in 2013 that the definition of going to church is changing: “In the very near future, it probably won’t be at 10 a.m. on Sunday. morning with your best shoes and a tie. or dress.” Instead, she explains, “it’s going to be something different… But it’s still holy, God is still there, and that’s what’s most important .”

The goal of holding church services in a brewery is visibility, attracting members, and finding innovative ways to nurture the already established community of the church. Annie Blazer, associate professor of religious studies at the College of William and Mary, said Religious News that churches are used to innovating and being creative in attracting new congregants. “Churches have a long history of using sports ministry, movies and entertainment, music and other pop cultures to target non-Christian audiences,” Blazer said.

Breweries are simply the latest evolution in the ever-changing role of the church.

Barry F. Howard