TWR, Women of Hope reaches Latin America, evangelistic focus

“Dear sister in the Lord Jesus Christ,” began a TWR listener in South America. “I attend a small church with a few older sisters. It seems that everyone forgets us here. I listen to the Women of Hope shows every night. I am not married (God knows why), I am sick and I have no Christian friends in my village. I love Women of Hope programs because they address very specific issues for women. A few days ago, I was listening to a program on people with disabilities, and the testimony of your guest touched me so much that I cried. I would like to share this program with the women of my village. As a poor widow, I want to send you a little gift, and God bless your ministry.”

Through TWR’s Women of Hope ministry, listeners like this woman can find hope and encouragement.

The long history of Trans World Radio (TWR) ministry in the Americas dates back to 1964 when our main broadcast site was established on the Caribbean island of Bonaire.

Today, in addition to Bonaire station, we broadcast Christian content on hundreds of local stations across Latin Americacatering to individuals across the region!

One of TWR’s departmental organizations is women of hope. Their mission is to educate, encourage and equip women to pray, listen, learn, grow and give through media, small group interaction and leadership development.

TWR Women of Hope speaks of hope and healing to women around the world and across generations. Women of Hope is focus on specific regions where women are commonly abused and exploited and or many have never heard the message of God redemption.

One of these regions is Latin America. In Latin America, many women are victims of domestic violence but are reluctant to talk about it. They will benefit from the uplifting message of redemption and dignity from TWR Women of Hope.

This beautiful and diverse region still holds many challenges for its women. Spanish-speaking women in the Americas face many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

TWR Women of Hope speaks of hope and healing to women around the world and across generations. /TWR.

Divorce, disease, abortion and sex crimes surround them. Despite domestic violence laws, it’s on the riseand women suffer these cruelties in silence.

To improve their economic situation, many migrate from the countryside to the cities. Unfortunately, some find themselves out of work and fall into prostitution and drugs.

Infidelity leaves many women alone to raise their children. Abandoned and unsure of what to do, pregnant women may resort to abortions at illegal clinics, compounding their already overwhelming pain.

Unhindered by geography or social circumstances, radio is the ideal method to reach Spanish-speaking women where they are.

30 minutes of TWR women of hope (Women of Hope) is broadcast from the island of Bonaire and hundreds of stations across the Americas and Spain.

The goal is for Spanish-speaking women to experience the love and care of their Heavenly Father and find new life through Jesus Christ.

“I always count on your Women of Hope program,” writes a Venezuelan. “All the themes edify my life and encourage me to keep moving forward in the daily struggles and tensions. My family does not believe that God exists. I am learning through the Women of Hope program that God is real and that I want him in my life. I need your opinion.”

Another woman in Mexico shares, “Thank you for your teachings. They were a great help in clarifying my doubts about the biblical context and difficult to understand terms. You have explained them in a simple way.

TWR, Women of Hope hits Latin America

TWR radio waves are a great way to cross boundaries of all kinds and be the voice of a friend to the listener. / Adrien Dascal.

A Colombian woman said, “Since last year I have been listening to your program and I think your teachings on the Sound Doctrine are amazing. This is how you search the scriptures with the wisdom that comes from God and how it prompts us to think about the life of Jesus Christ.

Women of Hope is incredibly encouraged by the work the Lord has done through this organization over the years. for they have brought hope in Jesus to women around the world and across generations.

Women of Hope a field teams in the strategic area of ​​Latin America who are ready to add more programs and prayer groups. The need is great, and the time has come.

Latin American teams began enriching their multimedia content while evaluating and supporting Hidden Treasures, our outreach to women trapped in sex trafficking.

Hidden Treasures uses the power of media to bring inner healing and freedom to sexually exploited and trafficked women.

Through audio dramas based on true stories real survivors and made with professional advice, women receive the life-changing message of God’s great love and purpose for them.

Programs are designed to bring hope and offer wholesome, wise choices while showcasing Jesus and his powerful and passionate love.

Becky C. Matthews has been a volunteer writer and editor for TWR Europe and CAMENA since 2013.

This article was compiled by Becky C. Matthews from materials provided by TWR and Women of Hope.

To hear programming, listen to worship music, and access other helpful spiritual resources, visit TWR Women of Hope’s dynamic homepage at TWR360.

Barry F. Howard