Why We Renamed Theikos Doxa Evangelical Ministry to Supernatural Life Assembly —Oladehin

PASTOR Femi Oladehin, senior pastor of former Evangelical ministry Theikos Doxa, Lagos, said the real reason for renaming the ministry to Supernatural Life Assembly (SLA) was to align with God’s vision and carry everyone. on.

Speaking at a press briefing at the church premises last Sunday, Oladehin said that “the name Theikos Doxa has been the official name of our church since we started two years, a week ago. before locking. During this time we have built a strong online presence of approximately 600 members. But recently, we had to look at the vision God gave us and think about how we could bring everyone together to lead that vision. One way to do this is to give everyone a common vision to run with.

“The more I prayed about it, the more the Holy Spirit told me that the name Theikos Doxa means ‘Divine Glory’ and that we spoke to him more than he spoke to us. We prayed about it and the name Supernatural Life Assembly was born. It is a name that comes directly from God. He gave us the name with the direction in which we must go. Changing was not easy as we were very comfortable with the old name,” he said.

He added that in line with the church’s name change, the ministry has also revised its focus. He noted that Supernatural Life Assembly is a group of people who are not just Christians in name, but Christians in fact; a group of people who are into true change of a believer and not just cosmetic change.

“For us as a church, the first thing for us is to reach out to unbelievers. To reach out to people who have not felt God’s impact in their lives. We are on a mission to find them, reach them and impact them. We are interested in the transformation of a person and the transformation of their spirit. We are not lip service. As we are interested in transforming people, we are also interested in their finances, how they relate to people and their business development skills. We would live in the Supernatural Life that we proclaim,” he concluded.

He further revealed that all of the church’s social media materials and handles have been changed to Salvation Life Assembly to reflect their new identity.


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